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Caregiver Connections

Do you ever feel worried, concerned or confused:
About the children in your care?
About talking with parents?
About where to find resources?

Caregiver Connections provides services for all early care and education providers who care for children from birth-5 years old. This free service is available throughout Will, Grundy, Kendall, & Kankakee County.

We know that you want to provide the best care to every child in your program. We understand the stress and worry you face when the children you care for are challenged by behavioral, social-emotional, physical or learning problems.

Providers like you often have questions and concerns about situations like …

· Children biting, hitting or kicking others

· Tantrums or excessive crying

· Children who are extremely active – have trouble paying attention

· Anxious, fearful, stressed children

· A child who doesn’t join in and play

· Children whose development is not on track for their age – i.e. not talking or walking by 18 months

· “The child whose behavior I just don’t understand!”

· Talking with parents about sensitive topics or issues

· A serious problem in their program or community that is impacting everyone (for example, a death)

· Finding community resources – for children, families and yourself

To contact a Caregiver Connections consultant please call 815.450.9288 or email

For more information, click on the links below:
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Frequently Asked Questions
Mental Health for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool Children
Support Social-Emotional Development and Preventing Challenging Behavior in Young Children
Caregiver Connections’ Mission and Values
Caregiver Connections brochure

Contact Us

Child Care Resource & Referral
801 North Larkin Avenue Suite 202
Joliet, IL 60435
In Joliet:(815)741-1163 -or- TTY (815)741-1692